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We cater to regions like Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Assam and other parts of eastern India apart from West Bengal.

Linear motion bearings or LM guides as they are popularly known are used in a wide range of automated applications. These machines are most commonly referred to as CNC machines or Computerized Numerical Controlled machines. As more and more jobs are getting automated from being labour intensive the demand for such machines is increasing. These machines can outperform the tasks earlier performed manually with much higher accuracy and at a fraction of the time taken earlier.
Ball screws are the most effective way to convert rotary motion into linear movement. Linear Guides are the support in such applications where ball screw drives.

The most common applications where these linear bearings are used are wood cutting & marble cutting machines. Metal cutting and forging industries use many different types of CNCs and some SPMs also. VMCs & Milling applications are also using Linear rails & blocks.

The inventor of this concept of blocks and rails for linear movement was THK, a Japan based company who also manufactures Linear bearings, ball splines and ball screws. THK was the single source for linear guideways for almost 15 years in the initial years. But since the patent for manufacturing got over, there have been a boost in the number of manufacturers of linear guides. In due course Hiwin of Taiwan has taken the number one spot. Hiwin is popular over other brands because it has automated its manufacturing processes and can produce huge quantities of Linear guides with much less lead time. Also Hiwin has a much better dealer and distribution network.

Proud to be featured as the one of the Best Ball screw dealers in India.

Hiwin Technologies was established in 1989. It is the world leader in ball screw manufacturing business. Even THK japan comes second to Hiwin in ball screw manufacturing capabilities. Hiwin is the most trusted and ost widely used brand for Linear motion products like ball screws, linear guides, servo motors, torque motors, indexing tables, single axis industrial robots and multiple axis industrial robots. These products are available in India. Industrial Tools & Bearing Co works tirelessly to bring these products to your doorstep with minimum delay.

Linear bearings are also called linear slides or linear blocks and require the help of a rail for the movement. Linear bearing rails is the key component of linear motion arrangement. Linear bearings need to be Mounted on compatible linear bearing rails to get desired results.
Every manufacturer normally has patented designs for their Linear guide rail. The linear guide rail has unique profiles to avoid use of compatible blocks of other makes. Some other brands we stock apart from THK & Hiwin are PMI, Scheneeberger, INA, Rexroth, TBI.

Hiwin Corporation does not have office in India. But for the ease of their clients in India they have appointed several distributors across India for each region. Industrial Tools & Bearing Co is proud to be associated with Hiwin as their appointed dealer for Eastern zone India. Hiwin Distributors across India are capable of supplying original Hiwin products like linear guide ways, ball screws, servo motors, ball splines & actuators.

Incase you are having trouble selecting products for your application feel free to write to us (automation@bearing-solutions.com) or call us (+91 9331020171) so that we can guide you. You can also ask for your desired bearing catalogues and we will send you these absolutely free of charge!

Hiwin Corporation & it’s distributors in India, with their persistent efforts have ensured that Hiwin is the most preferred brand of linear bearings in India. Hiwin is also popular for its ball screws and is also the most widely used in CNC applications.

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