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WINKEL – The company

Know-how, innovation and international presence.

Since more than 35 years we are working in the field of linear bearings & systems and material handling. We are market leader in the field of heavy load linear systems and have delivered thousands of handling systems all across the world.

We started off with components for fork lift trucks such as bearings and profiles for lift masts, complete special lift mast and other components for fork lift trucks. Out of this program we developed our linear- and handling systems for usage in all industries.The needs of our clients in the field of material handling is our daily motivation. We are always pleased to work out with our clients & make solutions with a good price value. A client also benefits from our 35 years experience and our state of the art designing facilities with 3D PRO/E.
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Some of the products by Winkel bearings is listed below.

Different Winkel combined bearing we can supply.

Combined Bearing Axial fixedHight Temp Winkel Bearing Axial fixedCombined bearings Axial bearing Eccentric AdjudtableBearing Axial Bearing Eccentic AdjustableBearing Axial Adjustable By ShimsRadial Bearing
4.053 HT 4.0534.4544.0854.0722.054
4.054HT 4.0544.4554.4544.0732.055
4.055 HT 4.0554.4564.4554.0742.056
4.056 HT 4.0564.4574.4564.0752.058
4.057 HT 4.0574.4584.4584.0762.061
4.058 HT 4.0584.4594.4614.0772.062
4.059 HT 4.0594.464.4624.0782.063
4.06 HT 4.0604.4614.4634.0784
4.061 HT 4.0614.4624.079
4.062 HT 4.0624.4634.08
4.063 HT 4.063
The table given above is indicative of the the different sizes and models of Winkel Combined bearings available here in India. The sizes and models are suggestive, it is not an exhaustive list. We can supply other sizes and accessories also within a short duration.

For any of the above bearings you can email us at or WhatsApp at +919331020171